20 Feb

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Be Prepared! The Newest Kamen Rider has arrived. Kamen Rider Kabuto is the fifteenth installment (according to its official site) in the Kamen Rider Series. It began aired on 29 January 2006 on TV Asahi. The Rider’s design seems back to its root, beetle! My Favourite modern Kamen Rider is Kamen Rider Faiz (2003) and after that, the series’ quality seems somewhat declining downward spiral. Looking at the first two episodes of Kaboto makes me believe that the down time is going to end, hopefully Kabuto will satisfy tokusatsu hardcore fans like me. Henshin!
You can download the episodes here (via torrent) :
episode 01
episode 02

Anyway, strange things do happen. Kamen Rider Kabuto’s release is also celebrating 35 years, long journey of Kamen Rider tokusatsu show. On it’s official website, all kamen rider is listed and given a little explanation. However, we miss something here. Where the hell is Kamen Rider Jo / Zoe? According to the show’s timeline, it should be listed after Kamen Rider Black Rx, but it’s not there? Why? I don’t have any idea about this, maybe they’re produced by company other than TOEI? Maybe it’s business things? Please tell me.

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  1. to Tendo : thanks for the info! I see now. btw Are you Tendo Shouji? :d

    to hoohhh : Yup, you’re right. What I meant is they’re back to the original.. you know.. bugs. :-) not hitech (Faiz) or traditional like (Hibiki).

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