01 Oct

Van Tomiko – Senkou (閃光)

Still in the spirit of Do As Infinity, its ex vocalist, Tomiko Van recently released her 2nd single. This singles is titled Senkou (閃光 / flash; glint) and was released on 27.9.2006. Senkou hit the Oricon and debuted on #8 in the music chart. The singles contain 2 songs, the main song is Senkou and the coupling song is Mosaic. I think Senkou is one of her best songs in her solo carreer. While Senkou is a great song, it takes the regular scheme, I means it intended to be a glorious song. Of course it’s not bad at all. But What I miss from Ban-chan and DAI is their fun / happy / energetic song like we found on Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari, Week or Mahou no Kotoba. Yes. this is kind of songs of DAI that I still can’t find on Tomiko. I hope the next single of Ban-chan which is scheduled to be released on November 22nd 2006 will meet my expectation.

Van Tomiko – Senkou (single)

Van tomiko - senkou
You can download it here :

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