29 Apr

Boku no hajimete nomikai


Thank you Yanai and Adi for the sake. Finally after one month of waiting, it’s finally here, straight from Japan. :d Yeah the package could be deceiving, it’s like a regular box of milk if we just look it at a glance, but actually it’s truly a sake. But of course it’s better than none, because If Yanai brought us bottled sake, than it certainly won’t pass the airport checking :p

Sake’s flavor is so much stronger than Bali’s Brem that I had recently. It taste sweet and bitter at the same time, and it’s hot! From the first time it touch my tongue until it run through my throat, come down to my stomach, I could feel it’s all burning inside @-). To accompany the sake, we had rice cookies and.. cola, just in case I need to “fix” my tongue back :))

After the nomikai, I went to a friend’s house for some errands, and before that, to neutralize the sake, I bought.. two bottles of strawberry milk at local mini market! hehehe… yeah, you may call me sissy boy! :p Aah.. sake, although it’s awesome, but I think I’ve had enough. Next time, just give me Japanese cola instead! :d

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