16 Oct

Okey, This is a Pure Personal Rant

Why I hate your questions :

1. You buzzed me twice.
Kau membunyikan suara jelek annoying itu dua kali di tengah malamku yang damai. Dan kamu tahu apa yang kamu bicarakan itu gak ada urusannya untukku. Your news is not that important for me hearing your buzz!! A wrong start brother.

2. Your MInal Aidin is almost one month late.
Oh sure it’s still okay. But where were you all these time? Sorry If I doubt your sincerity, Well it’s proven less than one minute later that you had another intention for contacting me.3. You are clueless that you are clueless.
You asked about rocket science involving Calculus theorem while what you already now is only a one two three simple basic math. Dudee.. go get a degree, or read a lot!

4. Maybe I’m an IT Engineer but I’m no Wizard.
There for, I can’t read you mind, unless you tell me what do you want, instead of main rahasia-rahasiaan. I don’t interested in your project anyway!!

May The Force be with you brother! …and minal aidzin juga ya.


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