20 Jan

Hinokio (ヒノキオ)

Kemarin, nonton film Hinokio, bagus sekali. Sudah lama gak nonton film yang menyentuh. :-) Tentang seorang anak introvert bernama Satoru (sifatnya mirip Shinji Ikari deh)yang menjalani kehidupannya melalui sebuah robot bernama Hinokio. Semuanya berubah ketika ia (melalui Hinokio) bertemu dengan gadis tomboi (yet so kawaii) bernama Jun. Ada yang udah nonton?

Copy paste dari sini: After an accident in which his mother dies, Satoru stops going to school, spending his days confined to his room. His sole link with the outside world is through a robot named Hinokio, which Satoru manipulates via his computer. Hinokio becomes Satoru’s eyes and ears, taking him on an amazing life-changing journey. Through Hinokio, Satoru makes friends and even falls in love for the first time. This is a touching coming-of-age drama, which will blow audiences away with its stunning visual effects.

Jun & Hinokio

4 thoughts on “Hinokio (ヒノキオ)

  1. Hi, this is Ken, from Japan Live.
    Thanks for your many comments on my site!
    It’s great to hear from another advantage Lucy fan (and from so far away too).
    I hope you get to listen to more good Japanese music.

  2. Wow! Ken-san. Thank you for dropping by. It’s an honour!
    :-) Yup, I really wants to hear more. but too bad I don’t have much access to them. I’ll kepp looking though!

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