23 Jul

Dreams that can’t be realized alone…

Pheeff, just got back from the first graduation rehearsal. The actual graduation itself will be held… errr… approximately 7 hours from now. Wait a minute… “first graduationâ€?? Yeah, because there will be two graduation. First graduation is Faculty graduation and the second is University graduation. You can guess what the formal meanings are from their name, while the de facto meanings is like this : Faculty graduation is the serious one, where everything is done sacredly in order, like we have our parents accompany us to the stage, etc; yeah it is almost “religious” if I may say. The second graduation, according to the common rumors, is more like celebration and less ceremonial. Many of the students, instead taking their relatives, they take their gf or bf with them. Sure, it would be nice… if you have one! And the fact that you spend almost six years to finish your study, doesn’t guarantee that you will have one! (this is the moral of this story, hehehe..!)

These situations remind me to one of old Clamp’s manga “Wishâ€? which has a tagline : “There must be wish that can’t be realized aloneâ€?. Well, I never knew that it would take me so long before I understand that words completely… by practice. Yeah, so this is one kind of those wishes, a dream that can’t be realized no matter how hard you try, as long as you’re alone. And I better to get used to these situations, because I know more and more are still to come as I continuously face adulthood. But thanks God, everything is not so gloom and doom for me. I never got lonely too long, I have best friends around. Not one, not two, not three, but a whole bunch of a gang, and even more. Sure, some are already graduated and left back there, but we’re never lost contact. Thank you guys! You’re the best! Watashi-tachi wa sekai ni saiko!

pose up

After the rehearsal : one of the last pose as undergraduated.. hehehe.

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