01 Oct

Van Tomiko – Senkou (閃光)

Still in the spirit of Do As Infinity, its ex vocalist, Tomiko Van recently released her 2nd single. This singles is titled Senkou (閃光 / flash; glint) and was released on 27.9.2006. Senkou hit the Oricon and debuted on #8 in the music chart. The singles contain 2 songs, the main song is Senkou and the coupling song is Mosaic. I think Senkou is one of her best songs in her solo carreer. While Senkou is a great song, it takes the regular scheme, I means it intended to be a glorious song. Of course it’s not bad at all. But What I miss from Ban-chan and DAI is their fun / happy / energetic song like we found on Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari, Week or Mahou no Kotoba. Yes. this is kind of songs of DAI that I still can’t find on Tomiko. I hope the next single of Ban-chan which is scheduled to be released on November 22nd 2006 will meet my expectation.

Van Tomiko – Senkou (single)

Van tomiko - senkou
You can download it here :

Van Tomiko – Senkou (single) : via Megaupload
credit to spiritjp @KMC via kodakumi @jpopmusic

Van Tomiko – Senkou (single) : via Sendspace » hurry up, it won’t be there forever!
credit to Sol-Fa @ jpopmusic

If you wanna donwload each song one by one, here’s the link :
1. Van Tomiko – Senkou : via Rapidshare
2. Van Tomiko – Mosaic : via Rapidshare
3. Senkou – instrumental : via Rapidshare
4. Mosaic – Instrumental : via Rapidshare
credit to ~Do The Endless Journey~ @ jpopmusic

Van Tomiko – Senkou (PV)

Senkou PV

Here’s the PV for Senkou. Unfortunately, I can’t find any direct link for this, But you can download it via JPopSuki here :
Van Tomiko – Sekou (PV) : via JPopSuki
credit to xerlly @ jpopmusic

Van Tomiko – Senkou (live at Music Fighter)

Senkou Music Fighter

Van Tomiko – Senkou (live at Music Fighter) : via Megaupload
Van Tomiko – Senkou (live at Music Fighter) : on Youtube
credit to green @ jpopmusic

And here’s other fun stuffs about Tomiko recently :-)

Van Tomiko interview at [MusiG] 20.9.2006 : on Youtube
credit to ainouta @ daiforum

Picture of Van Tomiko at Magical Bash :
van tomiko at musical dash
Waw, love those glasses of hers! kawaii! btw, I want to kill that dude on her left, he is just like 10 cm away from ban-chan, lucky bastard..! :-p
credit to Taiyou no Senkou – Van Tomiko Fansite
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LEGAL STUFF : All songs here are for testing purpose only.. bla bla.. All songs are uploaded with love, by adoring fans. If its possible, buy the original. I believe you’ll do so, if really like her. Links and pictures are taken from JPopMusic, Dai Forum and Taiyou no Senkou

23 thoughts on “Van Tomiko – Senkou (閃光)

  1. to Tia : Siap! sudah dilaksanakan!

    to Ario : oh, bukan siapa2 kok, di temen layanganku dulu, entah kenapa skrng sudah terkenal

    to Chocoluv : halah Takuya meneh, kumpul mbek Fany kana!

    to Wedhouz : (nyanyi) Insyaflah wahai manusia, jikalau dirimu…dst. :-p

  2. Wow! Thanks for the link!

    Ada link album DAI g? CD q rsk semua, tinggal
    yg break of dawn sm need your love…

    Q hrs koleksi lg ni, klo tdk bisa beban mental..:((

  3. holaaaaaa ommmm…
    wahhh seneng juga neh ada lagunya tomiko.btw ogut cari cd nya di disc tara koq ga ada ya….

  4. PV senkou banyak kemiripan dengan PV dia waktu masih di Do As Infinity..

    btw, udha punya yang album terbaru nya blom??
    [ Voice ~cover you with love~ ]

  5. Pak dhe… uwis nonton clip DAI sing “Summer Day – Live” durung? sip tenan lho! trus nang video clip sing judul-e “Honjitsu wo Seiten Nari” Tomiko Van ketok ayu banget loh! dijamin sampeyan ngeces!! *he he he*. Tonton video DAI sing “For the Future – Live @BeatMotion”, wangun tenan, pak dhe!!!!!

  6. mnrt gw suaranya van tomiko emang keren abis, kangen banget ya soalnya gw udah gak bisa ngedenger musik-musiknya lagi bareng DAI

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