04 Nov

Lost in Found

Fiuhh…. #:-s I’m pretty worn out this week. There are so many things to do, and it just drove me nuts, and not to mention a long-running project that I had to deliver this week. Claiming to be busy for an unemployed, quite strange huh? :) Thankfully, the swiftness is getting to low now and peace finally comes again so that I can fill in some stupid words in this blog, as usual.

Lost In Found
When it comes to music (and most of other interests), I think have a flavor of my own. It’s uncommon and of course, it’s rare. Well, it’s sooooo rare that even nobody around me know what I’m talking about. I’m all fine with that, the least it is known, the better it is. Here’s another band that I know not so long ago. It’s called “Lost in Found�?. Google them, and you practically won’t find anything about them. The only place I had decent information about them is at Ken’s blog at JapanLive. Lost in Found is an indie band from Japan, eventhouh all their songs are in english and not all of their member are japanese. Lost in Found are Mike Matuszak, Mineko Yokoyama, Makiko Kusakabe, Tetsu Saito, and Yukiko Hamada. It’s a great band! with a sheer spirit like you always see in an indie band. Sadly they’re already disband, but their name is still used as an Indie record label.

lost in found

Do Yourself a Big Favor!
If my description is too short and not convincing enough, then let’s the music do the talking, go to their music page, download their sample songs and take the load off. I recommend Bogus Illusion for a starter. It’s a remarkable song. You’ll feel that the world is beautiful again, that everything is all right, that being hurt is not a big deal. At least I’m feeling that way. Yeah I know, even though the lyrics is not about cheering at all. :)

Wait, There’s more!
In their Myspace page, there are three other songs available on audio streaming. Anyone knows how to download ‘em? Please tell me how, because listening directly from Myspace is really-really doing serious damage to both my bandwith and may hair ~X( Btw, and don’t hesitate about my love to them. If somehow miracle happen and their song officially available here then I’ll be the first among the fans who camp outside the music store on the launching night. :)

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  1. iya..bener bud…emang orangnya gitu kok..rada2 sombong,trs kalo ktm ga mau nyapa…!!!
    ini postingan ngomongin cewe yg ktm di simpang5 kan???

  2. May things ahead be smooth out of this insanity-hectic-busy-schedule of yours.. being a resourceful personality in infotainment stuff really put you on the cutting-edge.., indeed.

    Nice to have visited here, and of course, kind regards from West Africa

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