15 Feb

Yume (夢)


Yume. It’s always been my favourite word. So I gotta have it somewhere near me. I once tried to write it myself. But, it turned out to be craptastic, thanks to my crappy kanji writing skill. Then I tried to printed it out. It’s okay. though it’s kinda boxy and don’t have a sense of art on it (of course, what do you expect from a computer?). Then this night at Semawis festival, I finally got an original “yume” from a new friend. Thank you very much Miwako-san for writing it for me, it means a lot. Arigatou Gozaimasu! ありがとう!!

What is it for? First, it’s beautiful! It suits my room perfectly as I put it on my wall next to my bamboo bushes. And also, most important part, it’s a reminder for me. A reminder for something that I have to do someday, even if I die trying. And I won’t die before I achieve it. It’s something that worth everythigs, like what the kanji said, it’s my yume :)

14 thoughts on “Yume (夢)

  1. Iya,klo udah puas di tempel di kamarmu beberapa hari..!!!
    cepet kembalikan ke aku..!!!
    dan SATU…jangan smpe RUSAK…!!!
    wes itu aja pesenku..!!!!

    Asyem! emange punyamu? hah? Hah? HAH?
    * injek2 eskopret *

  2. to Zam : wah selera kita sama. Azumi memang is the best!

    to ekowanz : Festiwal semawis itu festival di pecinan semarang. singkatnya :d

    to cowok : busyet.. tah aja ya kalo yang punya blog ini jom.. *ah sudahlah*

  3. Seishou! sekalian nitip dong, bikinin kanji-nya ama tolong sekalian print-kan “Kami no na ni oite”, trus tolong dikirim kekantor pake ONS ya :d

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