16 Sep

Mana Haruhist Indonesia?


Penganut Sekte Haruhi sudah memang sudah mendunia, coba saja lihat ritual Hare Hare Yukai yang mereka lakukan itu. Tak kurang dari 30 negara turut serta dalam ibadah ritual Hare Hare Yukai ini. Jepang, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, Philipina, Singapura, Malaysia, Thailand, Bosnia Herzegovina, Denmark, Belgia, Jerman, Perancis, Finlandia, Italia, Belanda, Inggris, Portugis, Spanyol, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chili, Venezuela, Meksiko, Canada, Amerika, New Zealand dan Australia. Hebat! Tanpa ragu-ragu, tanpa rasa takut, dan tanpa syaraf malu! :))

Pertanyaan saya, mana dari Indonesia? memalukan! Apa Haruhist Indonesia ciken semua? Mana pasukan S.O.S Brigade Indonesia? Masak saya yang harus turun tangan? Eh tunggu dulu… saya kan bukan Haruhist! Saya ini Ayanamist! :d

Hare Hare Yukai (Sunny Sunny Happiness)

If we can map out all of Earth’s mysteries,
We will be able to go to any place we want.

We spent our lives with anticipations and hopes,
But who is the one that grants them?

Until the end of time, Boooon!!

*With a warp, this looping feeling
Swirls everything together and plays around with them.

On a particular sunny day,
A happiness greater than magic
Will pour down endlessly. It’s not impossible!
When we meet again tomorrow, we’ll laugh and hum a tune.
Let’s collect all the happiness,
It’s easy, there’s nothing to it.
Chase after them and try to catch them,
You love big dreams, right?

Anything is possible in the future where nothing is certain,
But I know that one thing is for sure.

Hanging above the thick clouds and shining brightly,
The stars will give me hope, I know it.

Let’s ride time, Byuuuuun!!
I’m at the cheap and cool age,
Please let me express my loneliness and shyness sometimes.

If we hold our hands together,
We’ll be invincible at our destination.
Nothing is impossible in these sparkling eyes.
Just look up and the tears will dry.
“I want to change!”
Shout from the bottom of your heart and it’ll be heard.
Break off running and leave the others behind.
Your heart is beating fast, right?




19 thoughts on “Mana Haruhist Indonesia?

  1. Hmmm…..lagian haruhi emang blon bgitu d kenal.mengingat indonesia demikian luas.mana novel,anime ato manga nya jg ga beredar d indonesia.juga karna gengsi yg ga perlu takut d bilang ke kanak – kanakan.

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