22 Sep

Cosplay, Between Fantasy and Reality

Tifa Cosplay

Tifa Cosplay

Between fantasy and reality, whoa… that’s quite something isn’t it? Whoops! Don’t be discouraged by that exaggerating post title! You won’t find any heavy stuff here, not in my blog. Well, what is cosplay? For those unenlightened ones please read the wiki here. Sorry, but I won’t bother to (re)invent the wheel… *halah!* Bear with me please. :-)

This topic crossed to my mind when some crazy dude in Loenpia.net mailing list mentioned about wearing anime costume to a quiz show we’re about to attend (which due to its deadline, I personally doubt its realization.. sorry guys :-p) Wearing anime costume? That’s only means one thing, Cosplay! yay! For me, cosplay means two things :

1. Draw the line between fantasy and reality
To be honest, this is my first impression when I saw cosplayers for the first time. It’s quite common reaction for newbie like me back there. But the impression didn’t stop there, until now, sometime watching cosplayers in a convention or show really shock you up. It instantly awakes you from the land of fantasy, and here’s why…

Well, the reasons are simple. I’m sorry to inform you ladies and gentlemen, in this boring world, there no such thing as (or do exist, but extremely rare) :

  1. Cute, living, girl shaped, personal computer, named Chii, like you Saw on Chobits
  2. Ultra cute girl, red eyed, blue haired, slim enough to fit in a plugsuit, smile only once in her entire life, named Ayanami, like you saw on Evangelion.
  3. Stunningly beautiful, martial art master, named Tifa, like you saw on FF Advent Children.

And this stupid list goes infinitum..

So, what I’m about to say is, when we (normal, mere mortals) try to recreate things I listed above, the result is not quite like we expected. And whats sucks about it is : there’s nothing wrong here! It’s all because our limitation as normal human. Maybe we aren’t good-looking enough? Our body are not slim enough (yay!) or not muscular enough? Our skin are too dark or too white? Yup, this is “reality factorâ€?; you can’t do anything to fix it. But hey, don’t get me wrong. I love cosplay (though never really done it). I admire those spirit cosplayers spread, I feel it and I love it. Salute to all of you cosplayers!
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